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  12XU - On Largue Les Amarres
  7yearsbaduck - great big nothing
  999 - You us it !
  Abolitionist - the instant
  Accelerators - fuel for the fire
  After The Fall - eradication
  Aggressive Agricultor - consanginité
  All Systems Fail - ST
  All This Mess - st
  Angry Sometimes - thirty minutes without god
  Another Five Minutes - half empty
  Another Five Minutes - st
  Antillectual - silencing civilization
  Antillectual - start from scratch
  Antillectual - testimony
  Arms Aloft - sawdust city
  Arms Aloft - what a time to be barely alive
  Arrach - sabotage
  Astpai - burden calls
Out of Stock
  Astpai - True Capacity
  Attack! Vipers! - deadweight revival
  Attentat Sonore - le syndrome de stockholm
  Attentat Sonore - operation infiltration
  Attentat Sonore - turbulences
  Atterkop - liber abaci
  Bain de Sang - we are the blood we are the fear
  Bangers - mysterious ways
  Best Practices - the EP LP
  Bike Tuff
  Bitch Boys - more hits than you've expected
  Bitpart - where we are
  Black Code - hanged, drawn and quartered