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  Allegiance - heroes in the making
  Bottom Line - Eloquence
  Deafening Sky - Senseless Life
  DevonMiles - Nine Hundred
  Down to Earth - room for the three of us
  First Part - our vision
  Foolish - back on track
  Ghost Track - Self Untitled
  Greg doh - the light is still on...
  Horskh - dawn
  I farm - I farm is lying to be popular
  It Started At The Gym - get ready for the fight !
  Kill For Peace - logjam
  Komptoir Chaos + Ordures Ioniques - split "complètement capoté tabarnak"
  La Rupture - dealing with open wounds
  Last Star Down - the comfortable dark knowingness
  Like Peter At Home - volumen
  Mark McCabe - when I grow up
  Mass Confusion - blind deaf & dumb
  Miracles - hugo mudie & fred jacques
promo !
  Monica Crystal - cavalier
  Notepok - la dissonance du silence
  Nunka ID - Demo
  Oh My Snare ! - ep
  Openightmare - Pink Of The Vintage
  Openightmare - the harder we come
  Operation Dynamo - st
  OZ ONE - at your own risk
  Paradox - is it fucking worth it ?
  Paradox - Stillgestanden Eingereiht
  Pin Up Explosion - doubah
  PL Mafia - le kid