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The Atoms - Internet Dating For Beginners

YES! The Atoms from Derby, England join the Monster Zero ranks with their newest album 'Internet Dating For Beginners'. Poppunk at it's best! Or as Ben Nuthink wrote:

"The Atoms are the favourite breakfast cereal that you've never grown out of. Equal parts sugary soft and rocky crunch. They're also the cute yet ugly free toy that comes with it. The one that doesn't fit on the shelf with all the other generic crap. The Atoms are like hearing the Beach Boys drunk on a low budget ghost train. The Atoms are the bad guy in the movie in the leather jacket that saves the day, The Atoms are like eating candyfloss and drinking beer at the same freakin' time. The Atoms are the band you'd play to scare your neighbours but the songs will end up seducing them. The Atoms are in many ways a band of contradictions. In the Atoms world there is love and hate and no in between. The Atoms play pop punk rock n roll the exact way it should be. Short, catchy Ramones diggin' songs that could make you shit yourself scared and sick with envy. The Atoms are the rock 'n' roll norovirus.
Get the bug!"
- Ben Nuthink

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