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Local Drags - The boys are still in town

Springfield, Illinois' finest are back with a great four song EP. Those who've heard the album know what to expect: Straight forward power pop chock-full of great hooks!

More good stuff from the same label : stardumb (clic for more...)

  Local Drags - The boys are still in town
  Lone Wolf - Together Alone
Lone Wolf
  Even In Blackout - romantico
  Geoff Palmer - pulling out all the stops
  Local Drags - shit's looking up
  Lucy and the Rats - stick to you
  Lone Wolf - Get Along
Out of Stock
  Lone Wolf - st
  Kepi Ghoulie & The Copyrights - Re-Animation Festival
  Four Lights - Kobayashi Maru
  Even In Blackouts - the princess foretold by her henchmen, even
  Melted - thin skin
  Groovie Ghoulies - World Contact Day
  The Peawees - Dead End City
  The Windowsill - st