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Sundowners - four one five two

Chris McCaughan (Singer/Guitarist of The Lawrence Arms on Fat Wreck Chords) has been playing solo shows at clubs and coffee shops for the past few years. He culled together the best stuff, assembled a group of friends to help fill out the songs, and dubbed the project Sundowner. Their debut record, "Four One Five Two", comes as a great relief to the superfans and MySpace weirdos that have been begging for this material to be made available on record. That's where we come in! Here's the cherry on top: "Four One Five Two" offers some re-worked versions of hits originally recorded by The Lawrence Arms; like the fan favorite "100 Resolutions". And when our man Chris isn't on tour with The Lawrence Arms hyping the band, he'll be doing his own solo tour in support of the record. And so it was written...

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