Cobra Skulls - american rubicon

  • Cobra Skulls - american rubicon

Cobra Skulls - american rubicon

There'll be no sophomore slump from these seditious serpents. Not a chance. Cobra Skulls have sharpened their fangs by playing hundreds of shows all over the globe and their 2nd full length, "American Rubicon", is the follow-up that the underground has been waiting for. 17 venomous tracks recorded in snowy Chicago during the winter of '09 by Matt Allison at Atlas Studios (Alkaline Trio, Less Than Jake, etc). This new record is more dynamic than anything you've heard from Cobra Skulls and these bilingual punks offer up songs about the apocalypse, young love, punk scene politics, perpetual war, and even their own sordid upbringing. This is the kind of music that god-hating South American revolutionaries tune up their hot rods and comb their hair to. How do we know? Because they're in the band!
1. Time And Pressure
2. There's A Skeleton In My Military Industrial Closet
3. Rebel Fate
4. Muniphobia
5. Thicker Than Water
6. H.D.U.I. (Honorary Discharge Under The Influence)
7. Overpopulated
8. Problem With Preconceptions
9. Willful State Of Denial
10. I Used To Like Them When They Put "Cobra" In The Titles
11. Bad Apples
12. Timing
13. Back To The Youth
14. Dead Inside
15. Agree To Disagree
16. One Day I'll Never
17. Exponential Times

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