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FANTA - mas rapido

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Please welcome to the MZ family, F.A.N.T.A.!!! These legendary punx from Santa Coloma, Spain are back with a new full-length. 17 amazing tunes of pure punk pop, following the sacred Ramones Commandments: insane drumming, exploding guitars, brilliant melodies, and lyrics directly proportional to the brain injuries they have been dragging for years. Incredible artwork by Carme Morgendorffer and Ivancillo Bigotes Castro.

1. Fatal
2. Nunca Vi En Directo A Los Ramones
3. Turista En Hiroshima
4. Amor En Descomposicion
5. Te Lo Adverti
6. T.o.c.
7. La Linea Maginot
8. Buscame En El Mas Alla
9. El Pozo De La Chica Muerta
10. Mientras Duermes
11. Una Vida Normal
12. Colecciono Monstruos
13. Esqueletos De Metal
14. Otra Vez
15. Los Locos De Cannonball
16. Vuelve A Mi
17. Tablakamon I

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