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  46 short - just a liability
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  86 Crew - working class reggae
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  Accelerators - fuel for the fire
  Accelerators - st
  ACEH REVOLUTION - compile de soutien aux punks Indonésiens
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  After The Fall - unkind
  Aggressive Agricultor - consanginité
  Aguirre - calvaire
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  Alarmsignal + Paradox+ Wherlos + Fallobstfresser - split
  Alarmsignal - alles ist vergänglich
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  Alkaline Trio - st
  All Its Grace - The Swarm Of Decay
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  Allegiance - heroes in the making
  Angry Days - scientifically accurate : skulls
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  Annita Babyface & the tasty poneys - kiss the moustach
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  Antibiotic - ça s'écoute fort
  Antillectual - silencing civilization
  Antillectual - start from scratch
  Antillectual - testimony
  Apple Juice - human poison
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  Armalite - st
  Arrach - alternative
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  Aside From A Day - Divine Proportion
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  Attentat Sonore - le syndrome de stockholm
  Attentat Sonore - operation infiltration
  Atterkop - liber abaci
  Babylon Whackers - happy days with...
  Backtime - the planned direction
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  Bad Astronaut - houston: we have a drinking problem
  Banner Pilot - pass the poison
  Bastards on Parade - tales from the death shore
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  Baxter - future is more than a word !
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