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  Dan Adriano in the Emergency Room - hurricane season
  Dead Pop Club - home rage
  Deafening Sky - Senseless Life
  Dee Cracks - attention! deficit disorder
  Dee Cracks - beyond medication
  Demain Encore - nouveaux souvenirs
  Despite Everything - the dawn chorus
  DevonMiles - Nine Hundred
  DIEGO PALLAVAS - en cavale
  Diego Pallavas - expedition punitive
  Diego Pallavas - serie noire
  Die Wrecked - mongrel hordes
  Direct Hit - Brainless god
  Dirty Fonzy + Bad Chickens - split CD
  Dirty Fonzy - playing folk songs
  Discharge - live 2014
  Dobermann - encore un sale dimanche
  Dogpiss - eine kleine punkmusik
  Dolores Riposte - fatalisme et anorexie sociale
  Doomsisters - discography
  Down to Earth - room for the three of us
  Ego Zero - jeux de roles
  Fast Food - sinfonia de frustracion
  Fierce - one aim
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  First Part - our vision
  Flying Donuts + Joystix - split CD
  Foolish - let's talk...
  Foolish - the good old days
  Forest Pooky - Every key hole has an eye to be seen through
  Fortune Cookie Club - l'Autre
  Fugazi - in on the kill taker
  Garage Lopez - comme d'hab