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BLUE MEANIES "Sonic Documentation of Exhibition and Banter" live

21-song album of your favorite BM songs, recorded in
5 different cities on a 16 track mobile unit. Captures
all of their LIVE punkrocktwistedjazz craziness on one
great sounding CD!

Track Listing

01. Send Help

02. Smash The Magnavox

03. Acceleration 5000

04. Polka In The Eye

05. The Devil Came To The Ninth Ward

06. The Noise Of Democracy

07. The Infidelity Song

08. I'm A Have Not

09. Tread

10. The Great Peacemaker

11. The Shitfuck Man

12. Vote No

13. An Average American Superhero

14. Mr. Function

15. Smother Me

16. The Fourth Of July

17. Johnny Mortgage

18. Pave The World

19. F.O.R.D.

20. Grandma Shampoo

21. Blah Blah Blah