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Brendan Kelly + Sam Russo - split the tip

Here's four new songs showcasing the bi-continental love affair between good friends and tour mates, Chicago's Brendan Kelly and the UK's Sam Russo. Sam's offering picks up where his debut full length, "Storm", left off: stirring ballads with a hint of Americana. In contrast to Sam's full-band approach, Brendan's two songs are sparsely tracked in the backroom of a bar, but bear his trademark wit and melodic rasp that have made him an alt-punk hero. No telling what is implied with the title of this EP, but given that Sam is from England, it seems unlikely that it's a reference to leaving a gratuity...

Sam Russo (Side A)
1. Small Town Shoes
2. Crayfish Tales
Brendan Kelly (Side B)
1. Frangelico Houston
2. Pigs

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