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Griswalds - beyond the television scream

It took awhile, but Goomba is making progress with his whole 'Collect 'Em All' program. Please welcome to the Monster Zero family, GRISWALDS! Since '95 these three London amigos have been spreading the Ramones virus, and they have no intention of calling it quits. 'Beyond The Television Scream' is their newest full-length and contains 14 mega krachers of poppunk schoolbookin'. Soon to be classics include Do The Zit, She Went Away and This Mess Of Emptiness. Orpington could be the new Queens, you know what that means. 1-2-3-4, let's go mate!

01 - Orpington 95
02 - She Went Away
03 - The Dice Man
04 - Final Destination
05 - Do The Zit
06 - Kissing And Television
07 - High School Psycopath Pt. 3
08 - The Telephone Rings
09 - This Mess Of Emptiness
10 - I Don't Wanna Go To The Hospital
11 - Long Haul
12 - Escape From Alcatraz
13 - Outside The Radar
14 - Heard The Sound Of My Brain Melting

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