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Zatopeks - about bloody time

Alright!! It is with pride that we present to the poppunk masses: Zatopeks - About Bloody Time! The new long-awaited full-length by the boys from London, Berlin and Bristol! 12 new hitsongs by the boys that can't be labeled. Ramones, 77, football, jukebox rawk, ballads and pretty complicated lyrics. Goomba likes! Proud to have them on Monster Zero. Now go get this record, so you can sing along at their shows. A co-release with the amazing It's Alive Records and East Beat! And killer artwork by Stefan Stardumb!

01 - One Evening
02 - Alert!
03 - The Romance Of A Bus Stop In The Rain
04 - Politics
05 - Acetate
06 - Neu-Isenburg
07 - Wait For The Fall
08 - Chequerboard
09 - Exile Blues
10 - Baltic Moon
11 - Mechanised
12 - Life Is Elsewhere

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