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  Chestnut road - st
  Chicken's Call - LP2
  Chills, Fever, Sore Throat, Muscle Pains, Headaches And General Discomfort (VA)
  Circles - demo 2017
  Classics of Love - st
  Clipwing + icons down - split
  Confusion - dogz
  Contingent Anonyme - ad gloriam
  Contractions - Demain est annulé
  Contwig - freibad
  Corbillard - faux et usage de faux
  Culture Shock - The humanity show
  Dee Cracks - attention! deficit disorder
  Dee Cracks - beyond medication
  Dernier Futur - st
  Devotos - O fim que nunca acaba
  DIEGO PALLAVAS - en cavale
  Diego Pallavas - expedition punitive
  Diego Pallavas - serie noire
  Direct Hit - Brainless god
  Discharge - live 2014
  Dissociates - a capital idea
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  Doomsisters - st
  Dorkatron - the extra mile
  Down and Outs - lifeline
  Durs Coeurs - Dur dur dur
  Eaten By Snakes - st
  Ed Warner - ruins of nations
  Elway - better whenever
  Even In Blackout - romantico
  Even In Blackouts - the princess foretold by her henchmen, even
  Fake Off - boréal