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  UDDU - hellcats
  Union Jack - never ending struggle
  UNION JACK - supersonic
  Unlogistic + Crippled Old Farts - split
  U-Sister - st
  Valley - st
  Vegan Piranha - last scream of youth
  Versus You - Birthday Boy
  Versus You - moving on
  Versus You - Worn and Loved
  Veto - what's going on
  Vivian Girls ‎– Everything Goes Wrong
  Wank for Peace - fail forward
  Wank For Peace - we all were kids
  Wank for peace - what will remain ?
  Water Mane - greetings from the basement
  Wild Animals - Basements : music to fight hypocrisy
  Wild Animals - the hoax
  Wunderbach - week-end à nanterre
  Xtramedium - this hour the clocks stop
  Young Harts - ep
YOUNG HARTS Out of Stock
  Youth Avoiders - Relentless
  Zabriskie Point - Fantome
  Zatopeks - about bloody time
  Zatopeks - Ain't Nobody Left But Us
  Zone Infinie - Rester et fuir