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  Paradox - is it fucking worth it ?
  Paradox - Stillgestanden Eingereiht
  Pin Up Explosion - doubah
  PL Mafia - le kid
  Poison Heart - Be Forever Mine
  Rem & the Courbarians - Hell Attraction
  Roboter - memories & scars
Out of Stock
  Ryoji & the last chords - sham city EP
  Sandie Trash - tu veux monter dans le camion ?
  Saturn - relatives
  Sheldon Cooper's Spot - the very first season
  Sickle - One
  Side Issue - seventeen
  Sixtoys - Copy Paste & Repeat
  Sixtoys - Forbidden War
  Skuds and Panic People - lachez les bombes
  Slam-shot - autour de toi
  Sleazy Joke - Mafia Politica
  Slice of Life + the Mountain River - Split
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  Sliver - kamikaze
  Soamix + No Find - split CD
  Tang - another thousand days out of this world
  The 20belows - late nights
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  The Apers - live at the eldorado
live !
  The Mercenaries - rocky road
  The Mixt - st
  The Punkrock Don"t Stop - tribute to the Apers (VA)
  The Very Job Agency - st
Out of Stock
  Three Feet Cats - Heed the swarm
  Thump - the clock is ticking
  Tightrope - two things at once
  White Card - droit dans le mur