The Dead Pilots Compilation

  • The Dead Pilots Compilation

The Dead Pilots Compilation

1 –Totalt Jävla Mörker Helvetets Portkod
2 –My Unsaid Everything Solitary
3 –JR Ewing When You're Gone
4 –Lack 5 o' Clock In The Evening
5 –The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower Exile On Vain Street
6 –Anything But Yours Egomane
7 –Silence The Foe Chaotic Mind
8 –Desperado All Hat, No Cattle
9 –Temper Temper Heart Like A Fist
10 –The European Translation Of Shake The Kids
11 –Squarewell A Heart Still Honored
12 –Amanda Woodward La Decadence De La Decadence
13 –More Than Ever I Take Regrets For Granted
14 –Khoma Just Another Host
15 –Brudevalsen Loss
16 –Super Timor Asphyxie Par Les Pompiers
17 –Cortez I.M.T.v
18 –Rentokiller Bloodline
19 –John Deere Destiny
20 –Aenima Berserk
21 –Fear My Thoughts My Sweetest Hell
22 –Abel Is Dying My Own Light
23 –Rasheed Part Of Me
24 –Hiretsukan Wellwisher
25 –I/O I Am A Citizen
26 –Aside From A Day We Are Stalingrad

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