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Monde De Merde - the mess

More good stuff from the same label : dont trust the hype (clic for more...)

  POESIE ZERO - album bleu 3 + album bleu III
  Les Prouters - c'était mieux avant
  Boneless - Cris interieurs
  Stylnox - Monster Tales
  U-Sister - st
  Quartier Libre - L'espoir fait vivre
  Bakounine - Is there any point in this ?
  Dernier Futur - st
  Tulamort - st
  The Hallingtons - Hexed
  The Hangups - No Expectations
  Neon Bone - That dog won't hunt
  The Atoms - Internet Dating For Beginners
  The Yoohoos - Up goes the rocket
  Jagger Holly - The last of the international playboys
  Sugus - 1995
  Teenage Bubblegums - In Limbo
  Jagger Holly - It's Christmas Somewhere
  The Ratcliffs - Hell Mental
  Jagger Holly + The Windowsill - Saving The Genre, And you know it​ - SPLIT
  Zero Zero Zero + Video Store - split
  Primetime Failure - Memory Lane
  As Friends Rust - Greatest Hits?
  Great Shakes - st
  Bitpart - Eat Your Mess
  Faux Depart - Vie ordinaire
  Bleakness - Functionally Extinct
  Oi Polloi - Unfinished Business
  One Burning Match - XIV stories of unity and rebellion
  Jodie Faster - Blame yourself
  Guerilla Poubelle - patch fenêtre
  Maladroit - TS E.T.