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Union Jack - 18

To celebrate the 18 years of the band, Union Jack present this retrospective that combines their previous EP’s from the first « You Don’t Really Know Who I am » to the latest « Deadpan », not to forget 2007’s « Songs from the Grave » with some rarities that never appeared on any of the band’s previous releases. This compilation comes out as a nice cd overprinted with a vinyl record texture.
Only 100 copies, be sure to get yours!

1. So long
2. On the ground
3. Electricity
4. Wildcats paradise
5. Swing this
6. Resistance call
7. Smoke dust
8. Burn tha state
9. Feel the blood
10. Outta my head
11. Sunday’s crime
12. Bad brain
13. Subculture
14. Sabotage
15. Parisian acid rain
16. Money changes everything
17. Guns of Brixton
18. Vaccines and pills Remix

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