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  Jarod - Drosera
  Wild Animals - the hoax
  Modern Love - tross alt
  12XU - On Largue Les Amarres
  Chaviré - des bruits qui restent
  Astpai - True Capacity
  Harker - No Discordance
  Custody - Blistered Soul / Whatever We Decide
  Irish Handcuffs - comfort in distraction
  This Routine Is Hell - repent. repeat.
  Lone Wolf - Get Along
  Lone Wolf - st
  Kepi Ghoulie & The Copyrights - Re-Animation Festival
  Four Lights - Kobayashi Maru
  Even In Blackouts - the princess foretold by her henchmen, even
  Melted - thin skin
  Versus You - Worn and Loved
  Jodie Faster + Genital Jiggling - split 666 cups of black coffee
  Zero Gain - modern blues, the first five years
  LANE - teaching not to pray
  Les Thugs - tout doit disparaitre
  Les Thugs - strike
  Les Thugs - radical hystery
  Guerilla Poubelle - PINS camion
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  Guerilla Poubelle - PINS sorcière
  Eaten By Snakes - st
  La Marmite - travail, famine, patrouille
  Bobby Pins #6 - fanzine
  Circles - demo 2017
  Boneless - chroniques dun déclin imminent
  The Penske File - salvation